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Doggie Dooley 3800X Leach bed system for 2-4 dogs (open base type)

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DD 3800X
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Doggie Dooley Model 3800X helps you deal effectively with your dog’s waste in a clean, ethical and environmentally responsible way. This model is the latest in the Doggie Dooley range. It is a leach bed style type system suitable for two large or up to four small dogs. It has the largest capacity of the Doggie Dooley models because of the additional hole that can be dug underneath. Simply scoop your dog’s waste into the lidded bucket in the ground and add water and terminator (see below for details). The waste breaks down within the Doggie Dooley unit and the harmless odour-free liquid drains gradually away into the ground. In-ground installation means there is no apparatus visible apart from the discreet foot-operated lid. This Doggie Dooley requires some assembly (attaching the side panels) and in-ground installation is required (see below)

Q. How much water and terminator do I need to add?

This model requires either 1 tbsp of digester powder or one terminator tablet per dog per week and a few litres of water 2 to 3 times per week. The digester powder/terminator tablet is non-toxic, harmless mixture of natural bacteria and enzyme cultures designed especially for pet waste.

The unit comes with a starter pack of terminator tablets or powder. View or order additional terminator tablets here and digester powder here.

Q. Which system and model do I need?

Model 3000 is a septic tank system (bucket style) suitable for 2-4 dogs respectively. It is a closed bottomed unit with built in overflow holes. This unit comes fully assembled and requires a deeper hole for installation (see below).

Models 3500 & 3800 are leach bed systems (open bottomed) for 1-2 or 2-4 dogs respectively. These units require fairly simple assembly with a shallow hole for installation (40-60 cm deep).

Model 3800X – this new design from Doggie Dooley is easier to assemble than the 3800 but requires a deeper hole for installation. This is a leach bed system (open bottomed) for 2-4 dogs. The unit itself requires a hole 40cm (16 inches deep) and a further hole beneath (up to 121 cm/48 inches for maximum efficiency). With this deeper hole the unit has a bigger capacity if required.

Q. How do I install the unit in the ground?

All Doggie Dooleys require in-ground installation.

Model 3000 - This model requires digging a round hole the same diameter as the unit (approx. 35cm / 13”) and deeper than the unit itself (manufacturer’s advice is for the hole to be 120cm / 48" deep). Simply fit the unit into the hole. This will be easier if the hole narrows lower down.

Models 3500 and 3800 require a square hole 50cm (20”) square and 40 or 60 cm (14 or 23”) deep respectively, with some infilling around the sides after the unit has been placed in the ground.

Model 3800X The unit itself requires a hole 40cm/16 inches deep and a further hole beneath (up to 121 cm/48 inches for maximum efficiency). With this deeper hole the unit has a bigger capacity if required.

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