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About us

At Kedron Pet and Garden our aim is to offer pet products with a difference. We try to offer items which are eco friendly, stylish, practical or just a bit different (and sometimes all four!) We source from the UK, Europe and the USA and support smaller manufacturers where possible. We are a small family-run business based in Devon and will always try to help on the telephone if you can’t find the information you are looking for on the website. We welcome feedback on our products and service and particularly like receiving photos sent in by customers of their pets! We are in the process of setting up a gallery of these photos so if you would like to send one in please email it to us and we’ll add it to the website.

Our product range for dogs includes:

The Doggie Dooley is a market leading dog waste disposal system like a mini septic tank. installed in the ground, simply scoop dog waste into the unit and leave it to break down naturally. Manufactured in the USA and sold worldwide since 1968, this is a truly eco-friendly solution to the problem of dog waste disposal.

Italian Aquacroc dog water bottles are water bottles with a difference. With two detachable bowls and an integrated poop bag holder these are the ideal water bottles for dog walking, travelling and keeping in the car.

Our cat range includes

Felted wool cat caves - these cosy cat beds are loved by cats and owners alike! Cats love snuggling into these warm and cosy cat cocoons, while owners love their stylish look as well as their natural material and eco-friendly manufacturing process (all hand made).

Italian designed Lui and Vigo cat scratchers and loungers combine style with practicality. Heavy duty yet stylish, they are popular not just for scratching but also for playing and sleeping. These are hand made in Poland out of eco-friendly board and are easily recyclable.

Kedron Pet and Garden is the trading name of RHG Trading Ltd, Kedron Pet and Garden, Exeter Business Park, 1 Emperor Way, Exeter EX1 3QS

Email: sales@kedronpetandgarden.co.uk

Company reg no. 07832429