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I recently purchased the Torus water bowl and think it is a genius product. No spill and confidence that the water is clean. Very pleased with the product.
Lovely quality, looks great and cat loves it! Perfect!
I worried that this Kivikis cat cave was an expensive indulgence which might be ignored! I took 'possession' of a shy rescue cat yesterday who overnight has adopted the beautiful comfy cat cave after a very short induction session involving treats!
I received excellent fast and efficient service from Kedron and their price is very competitive too.
My cat cave arrived this morning. It's been an instant hit, for the 1st time ever my cat made a bee line for the cave rather than the normal, oohh there's a box, let's sit in that. She has been in it constantly since it arrived, getting out only once and then straight back in. Looks like a huge hit, will be buying another one at least so I can have them in various places around the house.
Beautiful item, cat likes to sleep on top and inside. She loves her free gift of silver vine catnip, thank you Kedron. Excellent service and super speedy delivery.
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