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Squirrel Feeder

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WWSq Feeder
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Feed your garden squirrels and get hours of amusement with this heavy duty squirrel feeder. The squirrels will quickly learn to lift the lid to access the peanuts visible behind the perspex screen (you can prop it open to begin with until they get the hang of it).

Click here to watch a video of the feeder in use

The feeder is built to last and is made from naturally durable FSC timber from managed woodlands. The lid has a corrosion-resistant hinge to ensure longevity and proper function. The feeder requires no additional stains or chemical treatments.

Locate your squirrel feeder well away from any bird feeding areas. Top up the peanuts regularly and dispose of any mouldy peanuts safely as these may contain toxins harmful to other birds and wildlife.

Click here to see a video of feeder in use.

Species likely to use the feeder include red squirrels, grey squirrels and pine martens.

Height 23cm
Width 17cm (at widest point)
Depth 22cm (at deepest point)
Window 9cmx9cm

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