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Curve Cavity Nest Box (Wildlife World)

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WW Nest Curve
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Fabulous NEW unique nest box design by Simon King OBE. Look at the curvy entrance hole, like a natural tree hollow!

Perfect for a variety of small birds, including most tit species, sparrows and flycatchers etc.

Key Features:-

  • The unique slotted entrance which imitates a natural tree crevice
  • Stylish Yin Yang natural wood / dark green paint finish
  • Easy-open side panel for cleaning
  • Extra strong, long-lasting recycled plastic hanger
  • Strong FSC timber construction for durability

Fixing: Rotate and fully attach the rear hanger and mount the nest box using one or two of the screw holes in the hanger.


Dimensions: 255 x 190 x 155 mm

Weight: 785g

Materials: FSC timber

Colour: Natural pale wood and green

Special Features: Unique design, easy to open and clean, strong, durable materials and construction