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Hound House canvas dog kennel MEDIUM BLUE - lightweight and portable - for home, travel, camping and caravanning

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HH Med Blue
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The No.1 Breathable Hygienic Canvas Kennel from Australia, now available in United Kingdom and Europe.

Hound House dog kennels are unique, lightweight, collapsible, portable, weatherproof, easy clean shelters which help prevent fleas, are cool in summer and warm in winter.  The Hound House is the perfect kennel for permanent housing, camping, travelling, visiting or storage. Hound House is hygienic and veterinary approved dog kennel, designed for both dogs and cats.

The frame is made from anodised steel, which makes the kennel lightweight yet strong with each kennel easily holding the larger breeds. All tube clamps are made from a high quality nylon that makes the frame rust resistant. The hood and mattress is made of quality treated canvas which makes it weatherproof yet breathable and with the comfy slung floor made from polyester fibre mesh which allows the kennel ventilation and prevent fleas breeding. It also keeps animals cool when hot and warm when cool. The canvas easy clean mat supplied is scratch resistant & can be tied in.

The canvas is a heavy outdoor canvas used in the off-road campers, 4x4 canopies and H/D quality tents.  Canvas weave opens in the dry & heat to allow ventilation.  Canvas also contracts in wet and cool conditions creating a proofed barrier to the elements.
The mesh is large enough weave to stop flea eggs hatching successfully .
The Hound House is veterinarian approved; just ask your vet for an opinion.
It is collapsible and fits in its carry bag to be portable and easily stored perfect for camping and travelling or just packing away.

Dimensions of Medium Hound House: 63 x 57 x 63 cm 

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