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Tobi Cat Scratcher (MyKotty) BROWN - Stylish And Sturdy - smaller than Lui

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Lui, Vigo and Tobi Cat Scratchers are modern, beautifully designed cat scratchers and loungers that will cats and owners alike will love. With stylish curves, Lui, Vigo and little brother Tobi Cat Scratchers won’t look out of place in your living room. These multifunctional cat scratchers and loungers are perfect for scratching, playing and resting and look good anywhere.

Dense board construction gives this cat scratcher a long lasting rigid and sturdy structure. Hand made in Poland, the Lui, Vigo and Tobi cat scratchers are eco-friendly and recyclable. They can be turned upside down to enhance product lifespan.

Vigo dimensions 58.5cm long x 25.5 wide x 6 cm high

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